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So, you are about to install a new kitchen of bathroom and you decided you will go for tiles. This is a wise option and by far, the most popular for these rooms. However, now you have to decide if you want ceramic or glass tiles. They are not the same at all even they may look like it when you are not an expert. They both have different pros and cons and some challenges associated to them. In this article we will talk about ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are made, unsurprisingly from firing clay at high temperatures. This is not surprising because this is the way to produce ceramic for any other purpose. But for tiles, some liquid glaze is added to the tiles and then it is fired again to make it consistent. This glazing is very important because without it, water will penetrate very easily into them and will make them useless for the bathroom or any humid room.

One of the most important reasons to go for ceramic is price. Ceramic tiles are way cheaper than glass tiles and they are arguably the best quality-price choice. If you go to any shop you can find them as cheap as $4 per square foot and still you will get a decent quality for this price.

Handcrafted and art tiles are widely available in ceramic materials. Of course, price will skyrocket when it comes to handcrafted or art ceramic, but this is the price to pay for something as exclusive as this. Of course, handcrafted or art tiles are not available in glass material so, if you are looking for an exclusive touch to your home, ceramics are the only ones that will give it to you.

Another very nice advantage of ceramic tiles is how easy they are to install. If you are a handyman yourself, you can do it very easily and even though you are not, if you are patient, you have a computer (which we assume you have) and you want to learn, there are literally thousands of tutorials on how to install them (see how to install window blinds). Yes, there are also tutorials on installing glass tiles, but they are not so easy to follow and it is not so easy to fail.

The main problem about ceramic tiles is the little color range you can find. For some reason there are only black and white and earthy boring tones unless you go for handcrafted materials. Finding bold colors may be an impossible task and modern designs are very rare on this material.

Another problem is that colors will vary from one lot to another. This means when you buy them, you should order enough tiles for the whole job and even some spare ones because if you get out of them or one of them is broken later, you may not be able to find the same color again without important variations that will make the whole room to look odd.

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