A Fast Emerging Township!

The town of Manesar is a township in Gurgaon, in the State of Haryana and is a part of the NCR region. Over a span of several years, the city has successfully managed to change from a sluggish village to a fast budding township of India. A lot of developers are going to the extent of calling it the “New Gurgaon”.

IMT Manesar, situated in the southern part of Gurgaon is proving to be the fastest emerging industrial hub. Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) has already acquired a sprawling area of 1,746 acres there for setting up a number of industries, and is in the process of buying more property in IMT Manesar to further expand the industrial space here. Also with the coming up SEZS on both sides of Pataudi Road here, the locality is all set for an astonishing development in the times to come.


Its close proximity to the political center of the country Delhi, has led to the setting up the a number of government  institutes here like the training center of the  National Security Guards, National Bomb Data Centre to name a few. Every day, approximately 10,000 people commute to Manesar for work from the adjoining areas. The town has a number of factories, offices and institutes and there are quite a few places of attraction near the adjoining areas, some even overlapping Gurgaon. Its close proximity to the IGI Airport also makes it a hot spot destination. Ideally situated on NH 8, Manesar is well linked with cities like Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai and the air connectivity is also pretty easy and convenient.

The town of Manesar is currently home to some of the best MNCs like Honda, Mitsubishi, Nippon, and Suzuki, to name a few. A large chunk of Haryana’s industrial and retail activity is attributed to the city of Gurgaon alone, close to nearly 50%. This figure increases the value of the area further. Infact, some of the experts have estimated a whooping number of 400% in terms of expansion in the times to come.  This has put a lot of pressure on the corporate houses to arrange for suitable housing for their employees in order to save their time, cost and energy that they otherwise spend on travelling from Delhi or Gurgaon daily.

All these activities combined have resulted into a prospect for realtors to develop residential properties in the vicinity. Also with quality being low and reasonable development being a distant dream at the moment, realty estate developers who manage to develop projects over the next coming years are expected to have a sure definite advantage.

This scenario will prove to be a blessing for Customers and property lovers as well! Those thinking of buying or investing in properties here will end up making one of the safest and best investments of their life. Property in IMT Manesar is estimated to have lakhs of housing units over the next couple of years and the prices are expected to escalate higher.

Manesar is still under transformation and is all set to become a well-developed city with all essential facilities. As per the recent findings in the real estate sector, Manesar is amongst the top likely investment locations in India.  It has transformed from a small and sleepy village to a huge industrial and commercial trade center. Particularly after the growth of IMT Manesar industrial area, the commercial growth of the town is commendable. Fully recognizing the potential of the town, a lot of big companies are focusing here to turn up their real estate plans.

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