Beautiful Bathrooms: Quartz Creates Modern Countertops

For bathroom design projects where the goal is a modern and elegant appearance, homeowners should consider using quartz because the man-made material is available in a large range of colors and patterns that can help to make the room one of the most stylish in the house.

There are a number of practical perks to using quartz countertops in the bathroom, including that it’s a resilient material that can withstand a lot of use without staining or scratching. It can also be cheaper and easier to install than some natural stones, and doesn’t need sealing to prevent against damage from moisture. Even better for such a busy room, cleaning quartz countertops is simple with some soap and warm water, meaning that it’s easy to keep them looking in top condition.

While those physical qualities are all important, it’s the aesthetic benefits of quartz that make it particularly suitable for the bathroom. Because it’s man-made, it can be produced in whatever styles and colors the design project requires, including in various modern patterns.

One example is to use a solid brown quartz countertop with flecks of darker shades of brown, which creates a simple yet stylish uniform appearance throughout the bathroom. Combine this with a bathtub and sink in solid white and other units in single colors for a minimal yet modern look.

Or go in a lighter-colored direction by using an all-white quartz countertop with small flecks of gray. Pairing this with white walls, fixtures and fittings achieve the modern design goal – but it can also contrast nicely with darker-colored floors, such as brown hardwood flooring. Although some people might think that hardwood floors are mostly used to help build up a rustic image, when used with white quartz countertops the overall look is of a thoroughly modern bathroom.

Modern design projects promote minimalism, which means using just a handful of colors. Another way to achieve this goal is white quartz countertops that are just a solid color without any flecks. Consider matching this with cabinets in a single darker color to provide some contrast in the room without drawing away from the simplistic approach expected with modern design.

In addition to brown and white, gray is another color that can be used to produce quartz countertops that still achieves the modern look. Use a gray quartz countertop with light black specks for the minimalist appearance, perhaps livening it up by matching it was a mosaic wall covering.

But homeowners don’t need to stick to just solid colors in order to build a modern bathroom look. Yet another option is a beige quartz countertop with large swirls of black and brown, an eye-catching yet modern look that matches with fixtures and fittings of various colors.

If a modern look is the design goal for a bathroom, the five examples above are just some of the ways that quartz countertops can help achieve that appearance, creating the desired image with the ease of maintenance and all the other perks that come from using quartz.

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