How Retail Solutions Advisors Can Help Your Business with Tenant Representation

When you’re back is against the wall or you feel like you have limited options, there’s nothing like having someone at your back supporting you, right? When you have an advocate, you just have a bit more confidence, and sometimes a bit is all you need to make great strides forward. In the world of commercial real estate and especially when you have a retail business that needs a new location, this can be especially true. Doing a relocation with all that comes with it is daunting – having a team working with you would make all the difference in the world.

A Tenant Representation team can do a number of things for you as a business person that you might not be able to do for yourself. Or if you can, they are certainly things that could come off your plate as it is quite full, as a general rule. Beyond finding a new place (which a tenant representative can help with too), you have to possibly learn new regulations or codes, for one thing. Inspections of your business may be different and unfamiliar. Associations that you might need to deal with could be different and, again, unfamiliar.

And then there is building a relationship with a new landlord – and getting to negotiate a new lease, which is not something that usually makes you jump for joy. All of this and then some goes along with moving to a new place or opening a new location. The way to navigate through all these things though is to contact Retail Solutions Advisors for their expertise in tenant representation.

The professional team at Retail Solutions Advisors has figured out what tenants looking to make a move need – at least 90% of it, anyway. The remaining 10% would be things unique to individual businesses, but the principles are the same regardless. This team of tenant representation experts will sit down with you and assess where you are and where you need to go, then map out a plan to help you get there quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Suddenly you have greater negotiating power when facing the new landlord or his team across the table with looking at a new lease. You have a team with you who can provide information, statistics, and insider-type knowledge that can help you get a better deal than you’ve ever gotten before. This will contribute to your overall success in the end. Your team at Retail Solutions Advisors can help you with regulations and codes and figuring out costs like for occupancy and moving. They can help you with new supply chain info and can support you with getting this to the most efficient supply-and-demand process as possible.

Marketing for your business in the new spot, the lease negotiations, all the way through the move to opening day, Retail Solutions Advisors has their tenant representation team in your pocket looking out for your best interests – protecting your position in the marketplace. And there is no better feeling in the world than knowing you’re not standing out there in the wind alone. Give Retail Solutions Advisors a call to see what they could do for you.

Tenant Representation is just one of the many valuable solutions offered by Retail Solutions Advisors. Visit today to learn how tenant representation can help your business.

Terry Cantrell

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