Preparing Your Removal Inventory

When you are getting to move house, you need to stay organised. Not only should you contact a company that specialises in removals but you need to stay focused on what needs to be removed and what should be stored or donated. By organising your belongings, you can make the removal process that much easier.

Survey Your Belongings

Before you get a quote for moving house, go through your home and survey your belongings. Separate the belongings that you wish to move from the items that you plan to donate. Set aside a spot in your home for the items that you want to store.

By choosing a Gloucestershire removals company that also offers storage, you can streamline the process even further. You also want to check on what packing materials or supplies you will need for your removal. Removal companies can pack your items if you so choose as well.

Developing a Checklist

When selecting a removal company, choose one that is well versed in handling all types of moves, both large and small. In addition, stay organised by creating a checklist. Some of the tasks that you want to perform include the following:

  • Decide on a moving date for easier planning
  • Book the removals firm
  • Make sure that all your belongings are good to go
  • Declutter your home
  • Give your building society or financial institution your change of address
  • Tell your utility providers that you are moving
  • Inform your employer and your child’s school about your change of address

If you have children or pets in your household, make sure that you have arranged for their care before the moving date. You do not want any distractions during the removal process.

Terry Cantrell

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