Who Approve No Income Verification Mortgage

People have different sources of income. Some of them are self-employed and they cannot provided precise documents of their income since most income are write off. This condition makes the applying process for a home loan under Freddie Mac will be impossible. As of 2015, self employed can apply for stated income mortgage program for home loan approval. The lenders will qualify business owner by how much they stated not what they declared on their tax return. These loans program are design specifically for self-employed and small business owner who cannot provide stable income or good income on their income tax statement.

Benefit of Applying for No-Docs Loans

In conventional loans, borrowers should provide full-docs and a proof that they have earned income from a particular company or business for 2 years. The self-employed people will face troubles as they can’t meet those requirements. Thus, their only option is a stated income loan. Sometimes, many borrowers with proven salaries can’t meet several requirements too. In this case, they also can take no-doc loans along with self-employed workers. There’s an important thing they should know. All borrowers of stated income loans may obligate to fulfill IRS form 4506. Some lenders need this as the addition requirement. It’s to check the borrowers’ tax returns to reduce the risk of a statement forging.

Getting a Home Loan Have Been Easier for 2015

If borrowers fail to fulfill such requirement of no income verification mortgage, the lender will reject their application due to the potential of fraud. Most lenders will ask borrowers to provide 4506 as a basic requirement. By checking tax returns, lenders are able to determine whether debtors have the qualification or not. There’s also another thing borrowers should know. Even though lenders don’t verify the amount of income, they do check the source of it. They will check borrowers’ income source. It means self-employed workers should be in the same company for at least 2 years. This will determine whether borrowers really have the capability of repaying the loan or not.

Stated income is vulnerable of fraud and lies. Borrowers can falsify their income amount statement. In fact, some mortgage brokers or loan officers will make borrowers increase their income amount because that will strengthen their application. Falsifying the income amount is a common thing in stated income loans. As long as debtors are able to repay the loan, this kind of lie is acceptable. The only thing that does matter is the rate of interest. The price and interest will be higher than loans with full docs. As the process is simpler, the interest will be higher.

Where to Apply

In some money lending services, the interest rate can be 4% higher than full-doc loans. Before applying for stated income loans, it’s recommended to review some stated income mortgage lenders as they have different policies and requirements. Aside from local money lenders, borrowers can fill an application through the internet. There have been some services operating virtually nowadays. QKMortgage.com is one of them. QKMortgage.com has the experience and knowledge to help self-employed people for applying for loans they need based on their conditions.

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