The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Metal Roof

Metal roofing systems used to be associated with industrial buildings; however, there has been an increased interest in using this roofing system on a wide array of buildings.  If properly installed, they can look as good, if not better than a traditional style roof.  However, as with any roofing material it is important to ensure you have the right product and a professional firm to fit it.  This can make a huge difference to the length of time that a roof will last; which is an important consideration when choosing a metal roofing system.

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Advantages of a Metal Roofing System

  • Life expectancy – A metal roofing system which has been properly installed can last for an exceptionally long time. The typical metal roof product will have a warranty which lasts between twenty and fifty years; depending upon whether it has a painted coating or not.
  • Resistance – Most traditional roofs will be susceptible to bugs, termites and even rot. However, metal is exceptionally durable and will be impervious to any small bug.
  • Weight – Metal is not normally considered as a lightweight material. However, compared to a traditional wood and tile roof it is much lighter and reduces the stress being placed on the walls and the rest of the house.  Properly secured it will, protect the house and withstand extreme winds better than a tiled equivalent.  You can even put it over an existing roof if you wish.
  • Speed – Metal sheets for roofing purposes are generally large. When you use a contractor who knows what they are doing and have the right equivalent you can roof an entire building in a very short space of time; this is extremely beneficial if working to time constraints or a storm is coming.

Of Course, there are some Disadvantages:

  • Noise – this is one of the biggest issues with a metal roofing system. Some people think this is a therapeutic sound but to many it will quickly become annoying.  This can be reduced through the use of plywood or sound deadening materials.
  • Cost – Surprisingly metal is more expensive for your roof than using more traditional materials. This additional cost can generally be offset by the longevity of this product and the lack of annual maintenance which needs to be performed.
  • Damage – All roofs are at risk of being damaged; metal roofs can often be easily damaged by stones, hailstones or simply by walking on them. This can diminish the life of the roof and even lead to leaks.  It is essential to choose a metal roofing product which is resistant to dent.
  • Metal expands and contracts; this can be an issue if you do not use the correct fittings on your metal panels.
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